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“The best part of implementing PBS Manufacturing was the dramatic improvement in visibility. It’s like day and night compared to what we used to have. We had virtually no visibility of inventory, commitments of that inventory, or when and where it was needed. We had no real planning
capability so it was difficult to know what to order when. This made it difficult for us to have the right inventory at the right time and often led to us carrying more inventory than we really needed." Shonna Cartmell, Purchasing Manager, Automated Gasket

Automate Your Mixed Mode Manufacturing Company

This is probably the most common type of smaller manufacturer, a combination of the other types mentioned here. You are likely making some products to order, some to stock, and perhaps even do some custom work.

If this describes your company, PBS Manufacturing EXCELS in your environment. Remember, many applications specialize in working with one type of manufacturer. As a product designed to assist many different types of manufacturing companies, we can help you handle all aspects of managing your business while still keeping it simple! Why should one aspect of your business have to suffer? It shouldn't!

You decide which capability you need to manage your operations; material planning, shop floor scheduling, cost tracking, capacity planning or our order management tools... These will provide you with the flexibility you need to optimize your output as a business while not sacrificing one aspect of it.

Contact us today with your laundry list of the problems you're faced with and let us help you define which configuration of PBS Manufacturing will help make those problems a thing of the past...

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