MCS-3 Manufacturing Software Replacement

PBS Manufacturing software is an excellent MCS-3 Manufacturing Software replacement, that can assist smaller manufacturers running the now unsupported MCS-3 applications, formerly supported by Maxom Holdings, LLC.

Many companies who've used MCS-3 to run thier smaller manufacturing operations, like Dazor Manufacturing of St. Louis, have felt stranded since the company that designed MCS-3 closed. Passport Software, Inc. has assisted companies like this in transitioning to PBS Manufacturing's ERP software, aiding them in preserving all of their accounting data and key manufacturing data, allowing them to get up and running quickly.

While PBS Manufacturing and MCS-3 have many differences, their overall approach is similar which aids the users in making a fast transition. Further simplifying the process, the PBS Accounting module's roots come from the RealWorld product line. That makes the financial side of this transition almost seemless.

If you're using MCS-3 and feeling stuck, contact us today at 800-969-7900 Ext. 145 or e-mail at and let us help you get into a supported environment today.

Learn more about PBS Manufacturing and how it can help you, an existing MCS-3 user, improve your efficiency while preserving your important data!

Learn more about Dazor's story!

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