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Passport Software, Inc. has been providing solutions for small business since 1983. In 2005, we decided it was time to expand our offerings into the manufacturing industry and acquired Superior Business Solutions, Inc., a long time Passport Partner and manufacturing software designer...

A brief history...

Passport Software, Inc. (PSI) was founded in 1983 by three partners - John Miller, Bob Wall, and Muriel Spencer to provide innovative, reliable accounting and business solutions development.

In the 30 years since, Passport has worked with thousands of companies who each have their own way of conducting business. We analyze the accumulated experiences of our nation-wide customer base to understand and support success and to overcome the factors that stand in the way of growth and prosperity in our product on-going development.

Now more than ever, we see entrepreneurs as the creative force behind small business development and new job creation. It is our mission at Passport to help support these resourceful individuals and their growing companies with innovative software development.

PBS is a flexible, robust business system that supports how you do business. And that is just the beginning. Passport products continue to evolve to respond to new technological and federal regulatory guidelines. From there, if needed, we can provide custom programming services to develop software to help you accomplish those very particular processes that differentiate you from your competition. Your success in this competitive economy is our objective.

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