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"Updating costs in our old system was a real pain. You have provided us with several options that have made my life so much easier!"  John Ulm, Production Manager​

"All in all, your Passport PBS Implementation has helped us create huge competitive advantage and will have a positive long term, ongoing impact on our bottom line." Dave Thibodeau, President, Quirk Wire, Co., Inc.

Automate Your Engineer to Order Company

Many companies engineer products to a specific order for their customers. Some will do this once while others will make many repeats of the same product over time. In either case, PBS Manufacturing is an ERP software solution that can help you better manage your order cycles and track products through the entire process. 

Our easy to use item, bill of material and routing creation will allow you to design and quote your unique products quickly and easily. When making complex products, this can save you a great deal of time in the long run. Enter your information once and be done with it! Convert your quote to an order and then you can take take full advantage of our comprehensive planning and scheduling capability ensuring you meet your customer's requirements.

While many companies of this type feel entry of the item's bills and routings can be a waste of time, others have found this to be a time saver. You see, this information must be created somewhere to generate a quote, whether it's on paper or in a spreadsheet. You are likely already performing these tasks, and if so, you realize that you can't do much else with the information once it's there. 

PBS Manufacturing will allow you to create it once, generate cost estimates in a few clicks, and then the information is there to be used by the rest of the application for things like material planning, shop floor scheduling, and even tracking actual costs of orders.

A key advantage to PBS Manufacturing is you can see the costs collected against a job as it moves through production. So often, an engineer to order company doesn't know if they made money until long after the job has shipped. With PBS Manufacturing, you can know before it ever leaves your shipping dock!


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