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“One of the areas that has really helped us improve our financial position is in the area of inventory turns. With the new found visibility, we now know exactly what materials we need to bring and when we need them.” Shonna Cartmell, Purchasing Manager, Automated Gasket

Distributor with Light Assembly

Many distributors also do some light manufacturing or assembly. Often, traditional distribution systems don't provide this type of company the ability to manage the manufacturing side of their business.

PBS Manufacturing can be an excellent solution for this type of company allowing you to handle your order management and fulfillment while providing you with simple planning and shop order management tools.

Real bills of material will allow you to better manage your "raw material" inventory as well as your finished goods. It can even provide you with superior material planning tools enabling you to forecast sales or purchased and manufactured goods ensuring you have the stock to support anticipated sales levels. Add in the ability to plan for safety stock on key items and you are unlikely to be caught without the proper inventory on the shelf again!

PBS Manufacturing will allow you to both use purchased product in assemblies as well as sell them individually. This is a common practice and not available in all applications.

Contact us to learn more about PBS Manufacturing, and let us help you determine whether or not we can help.

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