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"We know exactly where any job is on the shop floor.  We don’t have to go around and find things to see what’s going on with a particular order." Dave Thibodeau, President, Quirk Wire Co., Inc.

"The best part of implementing PBS Manufacturing was the dramatic improvement in visibility. It’s like day and night compared to what we used to have." Shonna Cartmell, Purchasing Manager, Automated Gasket

Automating your Job Shop

First, what is a job shop? We consider a job shop a company that builds completely custom, often one-off products. This is one of the most difficult environments to automate. PBS Manufacturing can be helpful for some, though not all real true shops. If you are more of a Make-to-Order company, where you have frequent repeats, see this page instead.

PBS Manufacturing is best suited to job shops where you are apt to see some repeats or where there is similarity between custom products. 

Our Shop Floor Control and Manufacturing Job Costing modules can be invaluable tools in this environment. We help you understand profitability before an order ever ships by allowing you to compare anticipated to actual costs at any time during the life of the job! In addition, we can help you automate scheduling each and every operation that needs to be peformed in order to produce your complex products, while collecting feedback from production so you can monitor the progress.

If you make products that require many different materials, or have many sub-assemblies, our material planning functions can help you better manage this aspect of your business ensuring jobs go out on time!

If you fall under our definition of "job shop", we encourage you to contact us to see if we can be of assistance. If we don't believe we can help, you'll be the second one to know! We don't like to try to force fit our applications into environments where it won't help...


Watch our video called Increase Profits by Managing Costs.

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