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Dazor converted their data from MCS-3 to PBS Manufacturing and went live in days!

"We have reduced our order lead times significantly. In fact, we cut these in half on many of our products."


- Bill Allhusen, Engineering Manager

Watch this vide to see how PBS MRP can help you reduce inventory, reduce leadtimes and streamline your operation!

Increase on-time deliveries and reduce inventory using PBS Manufacturing's MRP

Having the right material at the right time is critical to your success as a manufacturing company. A missing 50 cent part can hold up a $10,000 order. The Master Scheduling and MRP module in PBS Manufacturing help you avoid this and more: 


  • Have the material you need when you need it - The Material Requirements Planning tools will help you easily review existing supply and demand information in your database and provide you with concise, timely, accurate action lists informing you what materials need to be ordered and when. No more guessing!

  • Order only what you need - MRP will not prompt you to order material unless it's needed! That means you will only be bringing in the right material! 

  • Reduce your inventory - By removing the guessing from your material planning function, and employing more of a Just-In-Time approach to their planning, many companies find a dramatic reduction in inventory.

  • Improve on-time deliveries - All of this leads to improved on-time deliveries. This means you're getting your orders out the door to your customers when they need them!  

  • Reduce product leadtimes - Many companies find that with better planning, they are able to turn over products faster, making them far more competitive!


Are you using a formal material planning system in your operation today? If not, you should be! Contact us today to see how our MRP system can help your manufacturing operation meet and exceed your customer's expectations!

Contact us today so we can show you how MRP can help you save time, money and reduce inventory!

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