Dazor converted their data from MCS-3 to PBS Manufacturing and went live in days!

MCS-3 Manufacturing Software Replacement

Are you tired of no software support? 

Are you stressing over your old hardware and outdated printers?


PBS Manufacturing is a powerful manufacturing and ERP solution that provides MCS-3 users with a replacement option that can not only solve these problems but can even upgrade your important data! Why replace MCS-3 with PBS Manufacturing?


  • Convert key data files from MCS-3 to PBS Manufacturing - Save time and effort!

  • Upgrade ALL of your standard RealWorld Accounting data to the PBS Accounting - Minimal training will be needed as Passport Business Solutions is the next generation of RealWorld Accounting.

  • Fully supported - Though we can't provide MCS3 support, PBS Manufacuting will offer you a fully supported software environment. That means technical support, programming support, training and consulting is just a phone call or email away!

  • The similarity in design approach makes implementation fast and easy - While PBS Manufacturing is a different system, the similarity in approach means the transition from MCS-3 to PBS Manufacturing can happen very quickly and reduce any down time.

  • Tighter Accounting Integration - Tighter integration between PBS Manufacturing and Accouning means less redundent data entry, tighter control and increased accuracy. 

  • Use modern hardware, operating systems - PBS Manufacturing supports the latest server and workstation operating systems. Whether you prefer Windows, UNIX or LINUX, you have options available.

  • Use modern Printers - Laser, inkjet, and even dot matrix printers are supported by PBS Manufacturing. This includes USB and Windows printers for your general printing needs.

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