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Who is the "Hero" in your manufacturing operation?

Every small manufacturing company I’ve worked with, who’d yet to implement a good ERP system, has had their “Hero”, that one person you could go to and find out anything; what to work on next, where a certain item is hiding, who’s working on a specific job and so much more.

That’s great right? Sure it is, as long as your hero is there each and every day, and as long as they are able to provide you with accurate information. While on the surface, it seems great, in reality people get sick, injured, and take vacations. That doesn’t take into account losing you’re hero to another job. In addition, even if your hero is correct 80% of the time, that means that 20% of the information you are getting is bad information.

Is this the best way to run an efficient, profitable, growing manufacturing company? Certainly not, in fact most companies will eventually stunt their own growth when run in this manner by eventually outgrowing their ability to get good, timely feedback on what’s happening in their business.

Implementing a good ERP system, designed to help a manufacturing operation like yours, can provide you with the immediate feedback on your business allowing you to make faster, better decisions each and every day. This will help you remain efficient, if not become more efficient, even in a period of growth.

PBS Manufacturing software can provide you with the tools you need to better run your operation. Watch this video series done by Brad Tornberg of E3 Consulting Partners, LLC to learn more about better decision making:

In addition, you can learn more about some of the ways PBS Manufacturing ERP software, can aid you in building the efficient, profitable, growing manufacturing company you desire!

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