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Take a Look at TimeClick's Free Time Card Calculator

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, there is still a need for tracking your employees’ work. TimeClick is committed to helping companies track their employees’ hours and minimize costs and now we’ve made it even easier by providing a Free Time Card Calculator.

This is a simple and helpful feature our team has added to the TimeClick time tracking resources available on our website. We hope that managing your employee time sheets each week by using the Free Time Card Calculator will save you time and money. Simply enter the employee’s week of time punches and breaks, and this time tracking resource calculates everything for you at the click of a button. Our Time Card Calculator even supports a daily or weekly over-time minimum threshold. You can then print your time card or even send it right to your email as a PDF for storage or to be forwarded to payroll.

TimeClick’s time card calculator is ideal for small businesses that need to stay on top of their employee’s weekly hours or for individuals running their own business from home. But why stop there? It’s free and can be used for many purposes. Find out how it will work best for you.

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