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Employee Time Clock Software for Manufacturers

As Passport’s ERP users well know, manufacturing companies have many complex business processes. Tracking employee time and running payroll should not be one of them. Last year Passport Software Inc, announced a strategic partnership with Hawkeye Technology, LLC, who provides employee time clock software for small to medium size businesses.

Hawkeye Technology, LLC.

In 1993 Hawkeye Technology released the first version of their software known as TimeKeeper, which has subsequently become known as TimeClick®. The business has grown to serve over 5000 businesses worldwide with awards for its software and support, including Top Ten Reviews’ number one ranking for time clock programs in 2013, 2014, and 2015.


TimeClick securely tracks employee work and accrual hours, reports in formats and preferences to suit you, helps ensure legal/labor compliance, and even offers custom programming for one-off solutions. There is no additional hardware to purchase, and starting as low as $99, TimeClick makes it affordable for business of any size to track their employee time. Passport has worked with TimeClick over the past year and we are confident they will save you countless hours collecting and processing employee time.

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