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PBS Manufacturing Software, a Complete End-to-End Solution

PBS Manufacturing software provides a complete, end-to-end business management solution that can help a small to medium-sized company:

  • Reduce Inventory

  • Have the right inventory at the right time

  • Schedule your shop floor quickly and easily

  • Improve visibility of all aspects of the operation

  • Aid you in managing costs

  • Increase customer service levels

  • Reduce the time it takes to get the job done

PBS Manufacturing software is an investment that can pay for itself in the short term, and continue to provide dividends over the long term. Typically, the time saved implementing the basic bundle helps the system pay for itself in a year or less and continues to pay for itself over and over again over time.

Our approach is to learn and understand as much about a manufacturer’s business processes as we can during the pre and post sales process. We discuss the tasks ahead and begin the process of setting goals for the project.

From there we install the software, perform an initial data conversion, and schedule “one on one” training with the various departments within your organization.

PBS Manufacturing software is an ERP modular solution, consisting of eight manufacturing modules. A base system may be purchased and upgraded, and PBS Manufacturing is complimented by a full suite of financial modules.

Learn more: 800-969-7900 Ext.145 Request a Quote

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