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Am I a manufacturer?

It sounds like a funny question, but it’s one many smaller “distributors” eventually must ask themselves. A long time Passport user asked themselves this very same question just a couple of years ago, and to their surprise, indeed they found are a manufacturer and PBS Manufacturing has helped them better manage their business.


Fluidaire is a company based in Lousville, KY, who has long thought of themselves as a distributor. Indeed, distribution is a large part of what they do: “Fluidaire Company, the Pneumatic Specialist, was founded in 1963. We are the Numatics Distributor for Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and West Virginia.” This line is taken directly from their website.

Like many distributors, that’s not all they do. In fact, in their estimation, roughly 60% of their business involves doing some form of assembly. Some of this is simply placing a number of parts into a box or bag, based on a materials list, and shipping it. Others involve direct assembly of the products they sell to meet customer’s specifications. The reality is they, like many other “distributors”, are faced with the very same problems manufacturing company deals with.

They struggled with managing the assembly side of their operation using the PBS Distribution software, as it was designed speciifically with the needs of a distrobutor in mind. PBS Manufacturing ERP software has helped them to get a better handle on their inventory, allowing them to better meet their customer's needs.

In a recent conversation with Marshall Sample, VP of Sales at Fluidaire Company, he told us they had historically had to book a four figure variance on their inventory each year. This was largely due to their inability to properly manage the assemblies inventory in their operation. Since implementing PBS Manufacturing, their inventory variance is nearly non-existant! "I know if the computer tells me that there are 5 of an item in stock that they will be there when I go to the shelf." said Marshall.

Are you a manufacturer? Stop pretending and learn more about how we can help!

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